Increase Your Home’s Value with These Top Kitchen Renovations

As a homeowner, you likely have two goals for your home: you want it to be a comfortable place for you and your family to live and you want to maintain and increase its value in the event you decide to sell. There are many ways to maintain your home value and ways to increase the value as well. If you plan to live in your home for a while, you should look for renovations that keep your home safe and comfortable for your family and make your home an even more inviting place to live. One of the first places homeowners choose to renovate is the kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is your home’s gathering place and likely where your family spends a large portion of their time. You want your kitchen to be both functional and welcoming. The kitchen is also one of the best places in your home to spend money on remodeling, as it can increase your resale value. An updated kitchen is one of the top features buyers look for when searching for a new house, but be careful of spending too much. Often, simple updates recoup your money better than large ones. You do not want to do a kitchen remodel that does not fit with the rest of the house or makes your home way more expensive than others in the neighborhood. Read on to discover some great ideas for kitchen renovations.

The first renovations you should do to your kitchen involve fixing any existing issues. If something is not working properly, like a leaky faucet, a broken dishwasher, or a cracked countertop, those should be the first on your list to tackle. A prospective buyer is going to be more likely to notice a problem before noticing an upgrade.

Updating your paint and flooring are simple ways to freshen up your kitchen. Choose colors that are light, bright, and warm can make your kitchen feel much larger. If your floors are linoleum, consider upgrading to brick pavers or wood flooring.

Replacing your appliances with updated, energy-efficient models is another good choice. Buyers are often looking for houses that will save them on electricity costs. Stainless steel models can give your kitchen a modern feel.

If you are willing to invest more, consider opening up your kitchen. It can get costly, but moving your cabinets and opening up walls can open up your kitchen into the rest of your home. Many buyers are now looking for an open-concept floor plan, so a kitchen that opens into the living and dining areas can be a major selling point.

Adding a kitchen island can create more counter space and add more seating options for your family. You can have a built-in kitchen island or a portable island. Consider painting your kitchen island a different color from the rest of your cabinets for an added design element.

Also consider updating your cabinetry. A fresh coat of paint on your cabinets can make them appear more modern, especially if they are currently stained in an outdated color. Whitewashing them can brighten your kitchen. Consider replacing your pantry door with new glass doors. This is a great way to showcase your beautiful china. You can also upgrade your countertops to granite, marble, or even concrete. Homebuyers are usually looking for something other than formica.

An easy project you can do yourself is to create a tile backsplash. Even a simple white subway tile can make your kitchen feel new and modern. You may want to do something more creative, but if you are planning on selling, you may want to keep things neutral so as not to put off a buyer.

If the lighting in your kitchen is outdated or minimal, you may want to update your lighting. Adding some pendant lights to the space can brighten up the room.

With a few renovations, your kitchen will become a welcoming space for your family and a selling point for future buyers.


About the Author: Damien Justus writes in the home improvement and real estate spaces, and is very passionate about health, cooking and anything that has to do with staying fit. He grew up in Oregon but now is a resident of Salt Lake City, where he has fallen in love with the snow and the people.