City Lights or Starlit Night…Which Home Will You Choose?

Photo by Nitro101 from flickr creative commonsIf you’re looking to buy a new home, you might be wondering whether you should look for properties that are right in the center of the city or whether a better option would be to buy a property in a more rural area.

The rural or urban decision will ultimately be up to you, as there are advantages and disadvantages to either option. The main difference will lie in your priorities – what type of lifestyle is most important to you?

Living In The City

One of the main perks of buying a property that is located in the heart of the city is that you can enjoy convenient public transportation and you won’t have to use a car to get everywhere. You are likely to have a shopping center and a supermarket within walking distance of your home, as well as other important amenities such as a doctor’s office, a pharmacy, a post office and more.

Also, if you enjoy concerts, art galleries or other artistic events, you will find much more of these concentrated in the city center. You will also enjoy more options when it comes to shopping.

Of course, living in the city center means that property prices are usually a lot higher, and you will likely end up with a lot less space for your money. Your kids might not have as much room to run around (unless you find a home near an urban park or a playground). Also, the hectic pace of the city, with all the traffic and high rise buildings, can be stressful for some.

Living Outside Of The City

When you buy a home just a few miles outside of the city, you will find yourself experiencing a completely different lifestyle. You will be a lot closer to nature, with plenty of walking trails and wild areas right outside your back door. The air will be cleaner and you will be able to see the stars better at night time.

Many people feel safer letting their children play outside in the countryside, and the cost of housing is usually lower than in the high-density downtown core. Some people also prefer the peace and quiet of the city and would much rather go for a walk in the woods or have a campfire than attend a cultural event – so the country is the right place for them.

Of course, a disadvantage of rural life is that it can be inconvenient and time consuming to drive into town to get supplies or meet up with friends. You must own a car in order to get around, as the public transport system will not be as good as it is in the inner city.

These are just a few of the factors to consider when determining whether you would choose the city life or the country life.