Colorado Couple Wins Meth Lab Dispute – But Loses Financially in Home-buying Experience Gone Bad

Better Prepared Sellers and Aware Buyers Can Help Avoid Calamities Before They Happen

A couple that recently bought a home in Lafayette, Colo., found out well after the fact that the house had once been a methamphetamine lab, heavily polluted with toxins. Though they won both criminal and civil cases against the previous owner, they’re a long way from recovering financially and emotionally, and they had to abandon the home to avoid further health risks. The home is now, unfortunately, going into foreclosure.

The seller was aware of the high levels of toxins in the home and fraudulently put the house on the market, hired a real estate broker, showed it and sold it.

This and future housing market nightmares can be avoided if the couple had done their own residential due diligence before they made an offer, even though the house was represented by a real estate professional. This level of diligence is not just an advantage to the buyer. More and more, brokers representing sellers are investing in Housefax Reports to avoid stumbling into such grievous situations that inflict damage to everyone involved – situations that can now be easily avoided.

At Housefax, we’re proud of the work we’re doing to educate the housing market. Residential due diligence on home histories helps to create a new culture of aware buyers and prepared sellers who are working together to bring back the stability that promotes a profitable marketplace benefitting everyone.