Even Tiger Woods Can Get the Sinkhole Blues

Tiger WoodsA Residential Property History Report Could Have Identified the Problem Before he Wrote the Check

No home is immune from unseen or unknown threats to structural integrity. From hail and flood damage in the Midwest to mudslides and earthquakes on the West Coast, every region has its own environmental threats that homebuyers should be concerned about. And as Tiger Woods has found out in his home state of Florida, even a $60 million luxury mansion can start to… sink.

Sinkholes have always been a problem in the Sunshine State, but last year’s Tropical Storm Debby may have made conditions much worse by flooding underground pockets of organic material that had been drying out from long periods of drought. This caused the soil layers to decompose, which is what ultimately leads to that sinking sensation – a feeling you never want to have, as did Tiger and his girlfriend, Lindsay Vonn, when they started noticing cracks in the dining room of the Jupiter Island estate. Though the repairs may be affordable for Mr. Woods, and certainly worth doing on a $60 million home, such a complicated and expensive fix could break the bank for the average homebuyer. Tragic events like floods and sinkholes are often not covered by homeowners’ insurance policies, are not readily apparent during a professional home inspection, and have taken many a new homebuyer by surprise.

“The best way to become ‘buyer aware’ is to avoid such problems in the first place by buying a Housefax Report well before making an offer,” said Housefax Founder and CEO Eddy Lang. “That’s why we’ve added sinkhole information along with other disaster data into our reports, showing prospective buyers when and where there have been incidents and ‘red flags’ to beware of in and around the property they’re researching.”