Home Buyer Awareness Highlights Florida News Coverage

ABC News recently took a look at how Housefax is working in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area – a major metropolitan region that is not immune to the epidemic problems plaguing Florida ranging from sinkholes to mold and water damage.

Michael Bottey, an insurance professional in Tampa who was interviewed for the story, is always interested in homes coming on the market and the associated liabilities facing his customers around their potential home purchases. He bought a $59 Housefax Report for a 100-year-old home in St. Petersburg and though there were no major problems that surfaced, he did come across reports of sinkhole activity only a half mile away. There had also been some fire and flood damage in the home’s past, but nothing that was a deal breaker in the event of actually purchasing the home. The Report included building permit history, and Bottey was also able to determine the hail exposure index for the house, all of which could figure into cost estimates, insurance issues and buyer/seller negotiating strategies.

“The $59 Housefax Report can save you thousands of dollars in repair and insurance costs by giving buyers more negotiating power before an offer is made, or to mitigate risky investments altogether by avoiding homes with too many ‘red flags,’” said Housefax President Michael Abdy, who was interviewed in the ABC News story.

“Housefax Reports are easy, and I’ve shown them to a number of people who have been really impressed by the ability to see potential problems in a home, and if those issues have been corrected,” said Bottey. “This historic data is a great complement to a home inspection, which gives you the current condition of the house, and brings you one step closer to making an offer before you are putting any money down. Knowing this information before making financial commitments the key. I can better serve my customers by providing more accurate insurance estimates and liability scenarios. Realtors can pull lots of information, but no one is consolidating historical data like this.”