6 OMG Home Design Trends We’re Thankful Haven’t Returned [PHOTOS]

Home design trends may come and go (welcome back, wallpaper.) But certain fads … well, let’s just say we’re really, really thankful they’re gone. We’d like to take a moment to remember 6 trends that are no longer with us and confess which 5 we are guilty of committing (gasp!).

6. Sponge Painting


GUILTY! Everyone started getting crafty in the ’90s, and one way to spice up a boring wall was to create a textured effect with sponge painting. While it was a huge step up from floral wallpaper, this method didn’t make your home look high class at all. At least it was much easier (and cheaper) than trying to do a perfect paint job yourself.

5. Hollywood Lighting


 GUILTY! In the ’90s, we all wanted to live like Hollywood stars. In order to feel like the rich and famous, people installed Hollywood lighting, mirrors framed in bright yellow light bulbs, in their bathrooms. While this may not have been the most flattering of design trends, it still serves as a kind of wishful vanity that we could imagine coming back in style.

4. Popcorn Ceilings


GUILTY! We understand the desire to add some pizzazz to boring old floors or walls. But ceilings? How often do people look at ceilings, anyway? Plus, textured ceilings from the ’70s and ’80s—usually called popcorn or acoustic ceilings—can absorb odors and discolor easily, so you’ve just made your home smellier and dingier to boot.

3. Mirrored Walls


GUILTY! Another design crime of the 80s. This feature tends to outlast most marriages, just because of the danger factor in trying to remove the mounted mirrors.

2. Carpeted Bathrooms


INNOCENT! There is something gross about bathroom carpeting. While it’s better than stepping onto cold tiles after you shower, it seems like it would be impossible to clean and constantly moldy. Also, why did so many people choose to install brown shag?

1. Wood Paneling


GUILTY! Chances are it’s not rich, authentic wood. It’s probably faux paneling glued to your living room, finished basement or dining room walls. My parents recently updated this look by painting it white. It quickly brightened up the space and gave the boards a cute cottage vibe. I gotta admit, it even surprised me how good it turned out.


Which design trends are you thankful haven’t reared their ugly heads in 2016? And which ones are you guilty of committing? Let us know!







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