Tips for Creating Content That’s Read, Shared and Talked About! [Advice from a Real Estate Pro]


Creating content is essential if you’re a real estate agent in today’s market. This can propel your visibility letting the world know you’re an agent that sells homes. Without fresh and engaging content, you’ll be left in the shadows of those who succeed at content creation.

90% of home sellers and homebuyers seek information online. Your goal is to find them online so they call you when they need real estate advice. But how?


Plan to have a top-notch, informative and useful website. Your website, not your brokerage’s website.

You need to write engaging real estate articles and publish them. Are you looking at this page now like a deer caught in headlights?! I thought so. It’s really not that difficult. It’s easy to get started by just looking at your most recent real estate transaction. What happened during the transaction that you can write about? What questions did your customer have? Answer those questions in an article? What problems or as we like to call “opportunities” arose and how were they resolved? Your goal is to write between 1000-2000 word articles. Perhaps your first article or two may not hit that, but you have to start, get your feet wet and have a goal.

Jot down in Google Drive, for example, a number of different ideas for articles, come up with attention grabbing titles and schedule time to work on them..

Plan on using social media to share your articles. Don’t be overwhelmed with the number of platforms. Choose what’s best for you and be your best at it. There’s Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedin, Scoopit, Slideshare, and oh, so many more. TIP: Venture out to see where other Real Estate professionals are having success.


Now you must implement your content by getting it seen. It starts by publishing on your website. Then you start sharing your content across the web. This includes sharing across all Social Media Platforms that you have chosen to be active on.

It’s also important to get your content shared. You can start the cycle by linking to other Real Estate influencers within your articles. For example, if you’re writing an article about home selling tips, you could link to an article that discusses such things as my article here on home selling facts. It’s as easy as that! Or, you can simply show articles as resources at the bottom of your article, mentioning several articles and who wrote them. (Take a peek at any of my articles to see how I do it.) This is a sure fire way to get your content shared by other Real Estate professionals. I’m thankful to have had many of my articles shared from my website and when it occurs, I’m automatically alerted of such linking to my article, so I can go directly to the article to see what’s been written. In return, I share their article across my social media platforms that I frequent. The real estate agent who linked to my article, now gets their article shared even more by all the followers across my platforms that I frequent. More eyes on their content. Brilliant news for the content originator!


So you took the recommendation to have a top-notch website to get found online, now what? You must now maintain it and keep it fresh and updated as discussed in the “implementation” section above.

Maintaining involves regularly pumping out your real estate content. You should at a minimum write monthly real estate articles, whereas, weekly is ideal, but consistency is key.

How will you ever do this you wonder with all you have to do as a busy real estate professional? It all stems back to having content ideas in your pipeline that you’ve been working on over time.

Don’t be overwhelmed if you’re just getting started. If you implement the steps above, you’ll find that in no time at all, you’ll be making yourself visible online standing out from the masses of Real Estate Agents nationwide.  Take the first step.

About the Author. Lynn Pineda has been delivering Real estate promises as a Southeast Florida Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Realty for over 11 years. It’s what she loves to do!