Information is Power in Today’s Rising Real Estate Market – Just ask President Obama

President ObamaReal estate information companies are attracting more than a little attention these days. President Obama’s unconventional live-streamed exchange with Zillow’s CEO Spencer Rascoff on August 8th illustrates the emphasis and interest in today’s new breed of specialized information websites.

“Real estate isn’t just about listings anymore,” said Housefax CEO Eddy Lang. “The data mining and analysis capabilities available to consumers today are changing the entire market, and with tools like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin and now Housefax, the relationships between buyers, sellers, brokers and other professionals in the real estate industry has really entered a new era. Housefax is fortunate to be an important player in this rising new trend toward better informed buyers.”

That Obama used a consumer website to get his messages out on housing priorities and to answer questions about his real estate market agenda is another great example of not only a changing media landscape, but a new age in the sharing and dissemination of digital media and information.

“Zillow’s clever marketing strategy helps to further drive the real estate industry’s move toward data-driven solutions,” said Lang.

“Technology is reducing risk and cost for both home buyers and real estate professionals. We’re pleased that the president has drawn more national attention to the types of services that companies like ours can provide via the Internet.”