Opportunities Abound for Veterans Looking to Buy a Home

But even with deals and incentives, it’s crucial to ‘know before you buy’ iStock_000007971798XSmall

Veterans have made great sacrifices to keep us safe and free – yet many leave the military with hardly a thank you. The good news is that many businesses try to show their appreciation by offering veterans discounts and special deals. This is a welcome practice and well-deserved, but sometimes opens the door for unscrupulous sellers to take advantage of veterans who may run across deals that are “too good to be true.” Unfortunately, there are scammers out there who will lure a veteran in with a low price, creating a situation that can influence a quick purchasing decision before doing the necessary diligence.

This can be especially dangerous when buying something as significant as a home, and the exposure increases as there are many programs and incentives out there designed to make it easier for veterans to finance a home purchase. The Veterans Administration (VA) itself helps by guaranteeing a portion of home loans offered by private lenders for qualified vets. This program grew more than 50% in 2012 alone, as many vets bought homes or refinanced with low interest rates. Most states offer significant tax-incentive programs and exemptions for eligible veterans.

Again, this is all great news for our deserving veterans. “We hope more veterans can become home owners by taking advantage of these special programs,” said Housefax CEO Eddy Lang. “These deals aren’t ‘too good to be true,’ because our vets have earned special treatment. But it’s human nature to make a quick purchase when offered some incentive or a deal, and all the more reason to ‘know before you buy’ when making such an important decision.”

Lang recommends that vets do the necessary diligence before taking advantage of any exclusive offer or program designed to benefit veterans. “There are a lot of homes out there that have been neglected because of recession, foreclosure and vacancy,” said Lang. “We recommend that veterans use our service and carefully review the Housefax Property History Report before making an offer on any home, no matter how great the deal seems on the surface.”