Sinkholes — Housefax Can Tell You Where They Are

Cavern Swallows a HomeSinkholes, though rare in most places, are incredibly dangerous. Sinkholes are caused by a weak layer of bedrock called karst, and can collapse without notice, causing structural damage and instability under buildings, roads and bridges, killing and injuring people caught unaware when they open up. A Housefax Report can help you protect your investment and your family.

Florida’s Sinkhole Alley has seen increased activity in early 2013. A man was killed in his bedroom when a sinkhole swallowed his home in January, followed by two non-fatal sinkhole incidents in the months following. Natural sinkhole behavior has patterns and is predictable, but there are many factors that can trigger sinkholes in unlikely locations. Knowing how to research property history is an important step in buying a home that will help you avoid an expensive and potentially fatal mistake.

You may not be looking for a home in a sinkhole prone area, but sinkholes can occur almost anywhere. Drought can leave huge underground aquifers empty and increase their risk of collapse. Mining activity also leaves weaknesses underground that can open up without notice, even when the mine has been filled in. No matter where you want to buy a home, your Housefax Report includes a complete property history will give you peace of mind as you plan this major investment.

While home insurance in Florida and Tennessee covers “earth movement,” premiums for plans with sinkhole coverage have increased 50 percent in the past year and get more expensive every day. If you are in a state without coverage, a sinkhole could not only destroy your home, but render your land useless. Sinkhole repair is an extensive process that must address the underlying cause of the sinkhole or it could collapse again. Knowing what’s happening under your new home is just as important as knowing what’s happened in it.

Your Housefax Report gives you all the information to make a smart decision on your next home, especially in areas where sinkholes may be an issue.