Ten Turnoffs That Can Scare Away Homebuyers

Bankrate.com’s Jay MacDonald put together a team of experts to paint a fresh picture of what buyers don’t like when shopping for homes http://www.bankrate.com/finance/real-estate/things-turn-off-homebuyers-1.aspx.

Some of the real estate professionals’ Top-Ten no-no’s have to do with the obvious concerns of cleanliness and clutter, but the issues that rise to the top may have more to do with misrepresentation such as photos that show a beautiful home but not the trailer park across the street. Add to that list a home’s past that may include fire, flood and crime, and you’ve got cautious buyers more wary than ever about walking into a bad deal or a house with problems that are likely to resurface.

We may finally be entering a sellers’ market, but MacDonald’s team says seller complacency should never allow the following turnoffs to quash a smooth sale:

1. Dirt, grime and filth

2. Odors from food, pets and smoking

3. Outdated fixtures and appliances

4. Wallpaper

5. Popcorn acoustic ceilings

6. Lots of personal items

7. Sellers who hang around the house

8. Misrepresenting a home

9. Poor curb appeal

10. Clutter

“Yes, sellers have the upper hand in a lot of places,” said MacDonald. “But that doesn’t mean that home sellers should be complacent and expect buyers to make offers, no matter how smelly and cluttered the house is.”