The Housefax Pledge: Changing BUYER BEWARE to BUYER AWARE

Leveraging-Your-Links1By Allan Dalton, Housefax Chief Strategy Officer
As a former owner of a 32-office real estate brokerage and past CEO of, I have devoted my career to creating successful real estate transactions, and specifically through the use of advanced technologies.

Unfortunately, there has always existed a significant but often unexpected impediment that causes numerous real estate transactions to go a-wry. This is when the property that a buyer thought they were purchasing – and that the home seller thought they were selling – is not the home that the perfunctory home inspection report could validate.

One may think that when an anticipated home transaction is prevented from closing, it must constitute a victimless event. I disagree.

It may be easy to merely shrug and say, “no harm, no foul,” but when it comes to real estate transactions going afoul, it can be downright painful if not punishing for all involved. The damages in lost time and money, the shattering of hopes, the frustration and even the suspicions of betrayal, are real and often acute.

This all-too-often disappointment for buyers and sellers carries with it a very painful price for hard-working real estate agents, their companies and the overall economy. The uncertainty and protracted suspense surrounding transactions can and should be avoided by having both buyers and sellers begin with a property history search before expensive and time-consuming home marketing and negotiations are set in motion.

If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, then the time has come to change the centuries’ old acceptance of BUYER BEWARE to BUYER AWARE. The need to make earlier stage, inexpensive property knowledge available to consumers and real estate professionals is what compelled me to become proudly associated with this company and the vital Housefax Report.

What is enlightening about this technology is that it goes beyond the obvious benefit to buyers. Housefax also provides an undeniable benefit to home sellers seeking to prepare their property to be marketed in the most strategic and effective manner possible.

This important practice of “pre-approving” one’s property ensures that motivated buyers are far less likely to become suspicious or seek to renegotiate due to an unanticipated problem found in the conventional home inspection report. The shift in negotiating leverage at this point often emboldens the buyer to begin marginalizing the homes’ value, completely infuriating the seller and often their agent.

The vast majority of Housefax Reports produce positive results and affirm that a home does not have a problematic legacy. This should encourage and empower the home seller and their agent to use this information early on in their negotiations. Why not memorialize good news about your property?

Any way you look at it, Housefax will benefit buyers, sellers and real estate professionals who will all agree that time is their greatest asset. The Housefax Pledge is to make buyers and sellers aware so that no one engages in the fool’s errand of wasting time and money.

One thought on “The Housefax Pledge: Changing BUYER BEWARE to BUYER AWARE

  1. Thomas Ward

    I love, from a homeseller’s perspective, how Housefax is not just to protect buyers but equally (or more) homesellers! Dalton does a stand-out job of illustrating how Housefax is a win-win-win for the buyer, for the seller, and for Real Estate brokerages and their agents by increasing the likelihood that transactions not only come together…but stay together.

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