Housefax® Offers the Most Comprehensive Fire Incident Data


Only Housefax Reports Fire Incidents Occurring Before 1999

HAYMARKET, VA., Dec. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Housefax, a leader in residential property information products and services, today announced that its Property History Report has the most comprehensive fire incident data in the marketplace.  Unlike similar products whose data typically only dates back to 1999, Housefax has exclusive access to more than 30 years of reported fire incidents.  That’s nearly twice as much as the average home history report.

Why is this important?  Over the last 30 years, 61% of U.S. home fires (or 7.5 million) occurred between 1984 and 1999 (National Fire Protection Association).  Today, only a Housefax Property History Report contains those reported fire incidents.  This information is especially critical if you are considering purchasing a home built before 1999.

Each year, residential fires cause billions in property loss and damage.  And with the holiday & entertaining season upon us, extra caution is required.  According to Fire Information Systems (FIS), 45% of fires begin in the kitchen, resulting in an average insurance claim of more than $30,000 per cooking fire incident.

Potential home buyers need to know if the house they are considering purchasing has had any damage related to a fire. Fires cause various types of damage, including heat, smoke and water, and not all of this damage is visible.

According to Eddy Lang, Chief Executive Officer of Housefax, “During a home inspection, you want to pay close attention to potential fire-related damages. But before that inspection even occurs, Housefax will give you all the reported details regarding the fire including recommended follow-up.”

Not only does a Housefax Property History Report contain more reported fire incidents, it also contains more detailed information about the fire incident such as cause, damages and estimated dollar loss. This vast data is aggregated, processed and customized in seconds by Housefax to provide consumers and real estate professionals with home history information on residential properties throughout the U.S., dating back to 1980.

In addition to fire incidents, Housefax draws on more than 200 data points, including reported building permits, natural hazards, meth lab history, sale transactions and utilities.  Housefax continues to expand the data contained within its Property History Reports to include additional property-specific information.

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