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Housefax Uses “Big Data” to Save You Time, Money and Headaches

We live in the era of “Big Data.” Big Data is big because “the volume, velocity or variety of data is too great” to keep track of using conventional data collection methods.

Did we lose you there?

Basically, there’s a lot of data coming from a lot of sources. In real estate terms, big data provides homebuyers, sellers and agents with greater access to vital information. All three groups are able to move through the homebuying and selling process with more confidence. But where do you go for all this information? And better yet, which questions should you ask throughout the homebuying process so you know what data to collect?

The good news is Housefax has relationships with over a dozen trusted public and private sources to bring you reliable data. Whether you are a real estate agent, homebuyer or seller, Housefax answers 11 common questions immediately, cutting the amount of time you waste researching in half.

You have questions. Housefax knows the answers.

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