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The 12 Best Summer Open House Tips We’ve Ever Seen

Summer’s here and that means BBQs, beaches and Open Houses! If done right, an Open House can be a great event to impress sellers while attracting new clients. Here’s a collection of our favorite Open House tips EVER — everything from unique ways to promote your event to the oh so critical follow-up.



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BREAKING NEWS: 2017 Real Estate Agent Survey Results

Housefax today announced survey results that show 8 out of 10 Real Estate Agents recommend providing a Housefax Property Report during an Open House. When agents were asked how else they leverage Housefax Reports to generate more business, the top three responses were: Listing Presentations, Home Inspections and Open Houses. (Click here for more tips on how to use Housefax Reports.)

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[Free Download] Interactive Content Strategy Calendar


Content marketing is the most powerful tool you have to build your real estate brand and capture prospects.

And now you can download our favorite content planning tool for free.

Some may call us crazy. We’re giving away our secret tool for content marketing. Use it to help you plan emails, blogs, social posts, etc. for the year ahead.  january-2017

Valued by marketing professionals, this easy-to-use interactive strategy calendar will help you:

  • Plan content around key events in the real estate industry or important dates
  • Identify gaps in your content plan
  • Guarantee your content is ready in time

Tips for Creating Content That’s Read, Shared and Talked About! [Advice from a Real Estate Pro]


Creating content is essential if you’re a real estate agent in today’s market. This can propel your visibility letting the world know you’re an agent that sells homes. Without fresh and engaging content, you’ll be left in the shadows of those who succeed at content creation.

90% of home sellers and homebuyers seek information online. Your goal is to find them online so they call you when they need real estate advice. But how?

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How Do You Build T-R-U-S-T With Online Leads?

If you’re like most real estate professionals, you’re spending a lot of time online, attracting clients. But people are naturally skeptical of everything they read and see online. How, then, can you get users who visit your site to seek out your expertise and even share their personal contact information? By building TRUST.

Are you doing everything you can to build trust online?

Experts agree there are 16 building blocks of trust. Many of these characteristics can be demonstrated on your website and through interactions on social media. Let’s take a look at four easy things you can do today to convey trust and improve your lead gen efforts.

16 Building Blocks of Trust

16 Building Blocks of Trust

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How to Market Your Real Estate Business Like a “Mad Man”

Photo, AMC

Photo, AMC

Sometimes the best advice comes from the most unexpected sources, like your favorite TV shows. AMC’s hit series Mad Men, which is set in the advertising world of the swinging sixties, has some of the most memorable quotes you’ll ever hear, and they’re surprisingly relevant to marketing today.

Although it’s been a little over a year since the final episode aired, Mad Men has left a lasting impression not only on the women who swoon for Don Draper (brilliantly played by Jon Hamm) but also on sales and marketing professionals alike. After all, Draper, a superstar creative director, seems to have the secret sauce of business running through his veins.

On a personal note, I just recently binge watched Mad Men and often find myself in the middle of a work day asking “What would Don Draper do?” And while I wouldn’t take relationship advice from Draper, (the guy’s a train wreck in the love department) the fictional Ad man and honorary marketing god, has plenty to say, and when he talks, we all listen.

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4 Ways to Attract Millennials Taken Straight from Jimmy Fallon’s Rulebook

Jimmy Fallon

What do real estate, millennials and Jimmy Fallon all have in common? More than you think.

Jimmy Fallon took over NBC’s “The Tonight Show” in February 2014 and has since become one of the most-watched late-night show hosts in history.

Even though Fallon is not technically a millennial (he just turned 41), he connects with a younger generation both on-air and off unlike any other host of “The Tonight Show” — even Johnny Carson.

Recent data from the National Association of Realtors sug­gests that mil­len­ni­als (peo­ple born between the early 1980s to early 2000s) make up the largest share of homebuyers at 32 percent.

This should be a blessing for real estate agents. But many millennials do not engage a real estate agent until later in the homebuying process.

Successful agents know that building a relationship from the start is critical to a smooth homebuying process, which, in turn, leads to more referrals.

So if Jimmy Fallon was a real estate agent, what would he do? Here are four ideas.



Millennials are more likely than any other generation to watch and share online videos with friends. Fallon embraces this trend and pushes content that can be shared online.

Clips from “The Tonight Show” are featured on millennial-focused entertainment sites and have become viral sensations in their own right.

For real estate agents, this means a website full of pictures, bios, videos, testimonials, tips, free resources, a mortgage calculator, neighborhood information, Housefax Reports — you get the point.

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