Housefax Offers Co-branded Reports to Keller Williams Agents

The deal also includes special pricing and access to a unique version of Housefax Pro

Key Takeaways

  • Housefax is now offering a customized subscription program for Keller Williams agents.
  • The deal includes a special pricing arrangement and the opportunity to send clients co-branded property history reports.
  • Keller Williams also announced partnerships with Zillow and Dronebase at the company’s Family Reunion event this year.

Keller Williams agents came away with more than one steal at their 2016 Family Reunion. At this year’s event, the company announced partnerships with big industry players Zillow and Dronebase, and to round out the exclusive opportunities in home data management, Housefax (which provides in-depth property information services) also joined forces with the real estate giant in offering a customized program for KW team members. Continue reading

4 Sites That Will Tell You More than You Want to Know About Your Home

The anxiety of buying a new home can form in any number of ways, and you might find yourself questioning the property you’ve chosen — is the backyard really that small? Is the soil contaminated from the nasty-looking stream nearby? Is your house haunted?

Maybe you’re not asking the last one, and maybe you’re trying to convince yourself you’re not asking the last one — but it’s not unreasonable to wonder. Rest assured you can investigate your concerns before you purchase a home, and you can do most of it online.

Four websites provide a wide of range of property details, and then some — from historic aerial images to documents that show the home was used as a meth lab. These tools can help you see what might be a game changer before you sign the deed.


How to Get a Mortgage Once You Are Retired

Retired couple looking at home blueprints after qualifying for a mortgage. - Ariel Skelley/Getty Images
Yes, you can get a mortgage once you are retired.  Ariel Skelley/Getty Images

I frequently hear stories of upcoming retirees who, planning to move after retirement, locate a new home and take out the mortgage before retirement – because they think once they are retired they won’t be able to get a mortgage.

You don’t have to do it this way. You can get a mortgage once you are retired.

To find out the specific requirements, I interviewed Patrick Gavin, Branch Manager & VP of Mortgage Lending at Guaranteed Rate, the 8th largest privately held mortgage bank in the U.S Rate.

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By Dana Anspach
Money Over 55 Expert

Housefax Slashes Price of Property Reports Amid Competition

Property reports once priced at $59 now offered for $10

Having previously charged $59 for a property history report, Housefax is now offering one property history report for free and charging $10 for every subsequent report.

The new pricing model comes as startups that provide free property reports gain tractionAddressReport and Porch have both recently begun using their property reports, which consumers don’t have to pay for, to generate leads for brokerages.

Housefax’s property history reports include data on building permits, fires, floods, sinkholes and meth labs.

Housefax offers two other types of reports that were unaffected by the new pricing model: an insurance claims report, which shows insurance claims made on a property in the past five years, and a “preappraisal report,” a valuation based on an in-person visit by a licensed appraiser that costs half the price of a traditional appraisal.

Housefax recently secured a spot in the Clareity Store, offering more than 100,000 brokers and agents deeper insight into homes they plan to list from their multiple listing service dashboard without having to log in to a separate account.

Other Housefax competitors include and Revaluate.


Housefax Lets You Know If Your Potential Listing is Near a Fault, Cheap Gas and Strong Cell Signals

Get the edge on the competition by researching a home’s history

The pitch

I used to travel with my dad to look at classic cars he wanted to buy. One of the first steps we always took was to verify a car’s authenticity via the vehicle identification number.

Muscle cars were often altered slightly by the factory to make a version that was faster or somehow unique. These subtle changes often made the difference between a car being worth $5,000 or $50,000.

Rare, alternate models are easily impersonated by street-savvy car dealers. All it takes is the application of a fender badge or some pinstriping to make a Buick Skylark look like a GSX.

Naturally, we didn’t have Carfax. We used yellowed factory guides to unravel the automotive histories of prospective investments, thick books marred with mechanic grease, chained to counters or weighed down under a four-barrel carb.

After the 2008 real estate crash, an era pockmarked by strategic defaults and grow-house squatters, agents should know all they can about the house they’re about to list or help someone buy. Continue reading

100,000 Agents Get Single Sign-on Access to Property History Report Tool

Housefax is latest vendor to join Clareity Store

Housefax, maker of property history reports, is the latest vendor to partner with the Clareity Store, giving more than 100,000 brokers and agents deeper insight into homes they plan to list right from their multiple listing service dashboard without having to log in to a separate account.

More than 14 MLSs representing a total of more than 100,000 members have deployed the Clareity Store, an online marketplace launched by real estate tech firm Clareity Security in 2013. The Clareity Store brings vetted tech vendors into back-end MLS dashboards, streamlining their purchase and utilization by participating MLSs’ members. Continue reading

Housefax Will Extend Offerings to Real Estate Professionals

Backing by Clareity will also boost hiring in IT, marketing

Information is currency in the real estate industry, and real estate technology company Clareity Security is betting on a company that’s stuffed to the gills with data.

Clareity has made a mid-six-figure investment in Housefax, a service launched nationwide in 2013 that offers home history reports that include information on factors that may affect a property’s condition, such as building permits, fires, floods, sinkholes and meth labs, among other data.

The investment will help Housefax extend its offerings to real estate professionals, not just consumers, and boost the company’s hiring in information technology and marketing. Continue reading

Housefax and HouseMaster Join Forces To Provide Home Inspectors with Instant Access to In-Depth Residential Real Estate Reports

January 20, 2015 Haymarket, VA and Ewing, NJ Housefax, a leader in residential property history information and reports, and HouseMaster, one of the largest and oldest inspection companies in the U.S., today announced a new alliance that provides HouseMaster home inspectors with the ability to offer their customers access to co-branded reports, powered by Housefax, containing property-specific history and insurance claims information. The reports include extensive home history data such as, insurance claims, building permits, incident history, voluntary lien history and a comprehensive list of natural hazards. The reports also include any insurance claims filed on the home and alerts and possible issues based on the specifics of the property. The reports offer great value to home inspectors and their clients by bringing attention to areas of the property that may have otherwise been missed without these inclusive reports. Continue reading

Housefax, property reports provider, signs first listing site in revenue-sharing program to display link that lets users purchase reports

Housefax, a firm that harvests historical data from thousands of sources to produce property reports, has signed MilitaryByOwner Advertising Inc. as the first real estate listing site in its national affiliate marketing program, Housefax announced today.

Source: Inman News

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