Home Staging Tricks that Increase Sales

Home staging is a proven and effective way to garner more attention from buyers. It can help you to sell your home more quickly and for top dollar, which are top goals for any seller. However, you can spend a fortune staging every inch of your home and transforming it to look like a model home. Those who have limited time and minimal funds available to stage their home may be looking for the most effective way to boost results from staging.

Each home has unique needs, but you can generally enjoy considerable results when you devote your resources to the areas below. 

Focus on the Front Entryway

Your home’s entryway is a critical aspect of the property that requires special attention. This is an area where potential buyers may stand for a moment before entering the home as the real estate agent unlocks the door. The buyer will pause and consider this area, and it can therefore set the stage for the buyer’s expectations throughout the rest of the home. You can easily improve this area by power washing the patio, ensuring light fixtures work and are in good condition, and replacing the front door mat. For an extra splash of appeal, re-paint the door and replace the hardware. You can also add a few flower pots or other decorative features to brighten the area.

Apply Fresh Paint

Paint color is one of the most noticeable aspects of any room. It may be easy for a buyer to change after the sale, but many buyers prefer a home that is move-in ready. They often do not want to take on a project, such as repainting the entire home, immediately after moving in. Walls ideally should have a neutral paint color that is appealing to the masses. They also should be free of wallpaper and borders. If your walls are stained or otherwise look worn, consider adding a fresh coat of paint even if they have a neutral color already. You may also consider touching up the exterior paint to give the home a well-cared for look.

Dress Up on Curb Appeal

Whether you are considering a for sale by owner transaction or you are working with a real estate agent, curb appeal is critical. Passersby will notice curb appeal and will instantly be attracted or repelled by it. Online shoppers may notice curb appeal when browsing through listings, and nice curb appeal may entice the shopper to take a closer look. Power wash your exterior, including concrete and pavers. Focus on the condition of the grass, and add seed or patches as necessary. Trim back bushes and trees so that the house is clearly visible. Add fresh mulch and flowers to your beds. These steps can dramatically improve your property’s curb appeal.

Pay Attention to Your Windows

Windows are often not a focal point that sellers pay attention to when staging their home, but they should be. Windows impact the interior and exterior of the property, and they should be thoroughly cleaned before listing the home. Removing the screens can allow more sunlight to filter into the home, and this can improve ambiance dramatically. If you do not currently have window treatments, consider investing in decorative rods and sheer curtains. These are very affordable, and they can easily dress up your windows and give your décor a completed look.

Staging a home often requires a considerable amount of work. You certainly want to remove personal items before listing a home. Thoroughly cleaning the home and ensuring that each room has a defined purpose are all critical to the staging process. In addition to these steps, you can also make these home improvements to further add appeal to your space with minimal time and funds required. By doing so, you may be able to attract more buyers and possibly sell your home quickly and for top dollar.


About the Author: Damien Justus writes in the home improvement and real estate spaces, and is very passionate about health, cooking and anything that has to do with staying fit. He grew up in Oregon but now is a resident of Salt Lake City, where he has fallen in love with the snow and the people.

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