4 Easy Ways to Turn your Home into an Enchanted Castle

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Disney’s highly anticipated “Beauty and the Beast” brought so many guests to movie theaters this weekend that the live-action remake became the biggest box-office opener so far of the year, and the seventh-best debut of all time.

The picture brought in an impressive $170 million, well above analyst expectations of $130 million to $150 million.

It’s also created quite a frenzy with homeowners who want to relive the magic and splendor on a daily basis at home. Here are 4 easy DIY design tips to transform your humble place into an enchanted castle.

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Paint It Red

Whether it’s paint, a faded red carpet that looks almost purple, or a red-orange wallpaper in the study; in old-fashioned décor, red symbolized lushness and riches. British paint purveyor Farrow & Ball has some especially great hues, with the added bonus of evocative names: Check out “Picture Gallery Red” and “Blazer.”

Modern spin: Use more neutral tones (think a modern taupe) with red accents in your upholstery, pillows, and throws.

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All That Glitters

If there’s one thing that screams royalty, it’s a nice, healthy dose of gold leaf paint, which you can get at an art supply store. If you own your place, consider decorating the walls by painting your moldings gold. For a subtle—but still effective—touch, paint a thin line of gold just under your molding, like a racing stripe. To get a clean edge, use a bunch of business cards and paint down to the card—this gives you an even better line than using traditional blue painter’s tape.

Modern spin: Buy a gilded picture frame, or gild one you find at the flea market.

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Consider Drapes

Back in the day when heating was scarcer than it is now, heavy window coverings were a necessity. In “Beauty and the Beast,” there’s one room where the drapes come straight to the floor on either side of the exposed, uncovered radiator. Today, we would cover the radiator and use more minimal window treatments—but if you want that grand look, more is better.

Modern spin: Keep your current window treatments, but add a fabric swag or valance at the top.

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Sparkling Chandelier

Long, long, ago – throughout the dark ages, medieval homes were lit by fires in open cooking pits. When candles (“chandelles”) were invented, they were incredibly expensive and reserved for the wealthiest class. It wasn’t until the 14th century that the first “chandelier” was created.

Today’s chandeliers range from traditional styles to the most modern and eclectic designs. Look for metal finishes that support the overall style of your room, i.e., brass, polished silver, crystal or glass, gold, or wood. A chandelier is the center of focus and you want it to be outstanding – but not stand out like a sore thumb.

Modern spin: Home owners are also using chandeliers in rooms other than just the dining room or foyer, for instance, the bedroom, bathroom – and even walk-in closets.


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