7 Easy Ways to Make any Bathroom Feel Like a Luxury Spa


Ok moms, confession time! Everyone needs a trip to the spa now and then. But what if you could go to the spa every day —in your own bathroom? Every Mom’s dream, right? Check out these 7 simple (and affordable) tips for turning your bathroom into your own private spa retreat just in time for Mother’s Day!  

Calming Scents

The spa experience begins with the aroma when you walk through the doors. Calming scents help you transition from stress to tranquility. Get the same effect in your own home with personal aromatherapy blends. Add aromatic essential oils to drugstore Epsom salts for a professional mineral bath that is a treat for the senses. To refresh and revitalize, try scents like tea tree and eucalyptus, lavender and lilac.

Lots of Candles

Mood lighting is essential for any relaxing spa experience. One way to achieve this is to eschew electric lighting and opt for candles instead. Place small jar candles on the counter and candle tins around the tub.  Just be sure that open flames aren’t near curtains, towels or anything flammable.

Spa Music

When it comes to setting a spa mood, don’t forget the acoustic music and soothing sounds of nature. You can create a meditation playlist on your phone and play it through a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Google “relaxing sounds” or “relaxing music” and you’ll find ready-made playlists.

Mix in Nature

Incorporate houseplants and flowers into your bathroom to help create a healthy environment and add life to the room. Indoor plants are an easy and effective way to turn your bathroom into a more comfortable and tranquil setting. Try filling a vase with fresh flowers or an orchid, hanging a potted plant from the ceiling, or setting potted plants around the bathroom.

Get Particular about Tidiness

Treat yourself to a bathroom cleaning service the day before or ask the family to pitch in for Mother’s Day. Tuck products away in drawers or cabinets. And for that quintessential spa feel, roll-up extra cozy white towels and store them in a wicker basket.

Keep a fluffy white robe & warm towels close at hand

Think about logistics when choosing a spot for robe hooks and towel bars. If you want to go for a full spa outfit, treat yourself to some spa shoes. And don’t forget the towel warmer — there’s no better way than indulging yourself in comfy, warm towels after a long soak.

Try a glass of cucumber mint water

When presented with a glass of water at most spas, you’ll notice it’s anything but ordinary. It’s typically a blend of cucumber and mint, which when combined creates a powerhouse of soothing energy, a perfect remedy for days when you’ve seen a little too much heat or physical exertion.


Getting the benefits of a spa treatment in your own home is not as hard as you think. With just a few additions and creativity, you can immediately turn your bathroom into a private oasis, for Mother’s Day and all year round!

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