Want to Nail Your Next Buyer’s Tour? Read This First!

Housefax Buyer's Tour Tips

There are hundreds of articles dedicated to helping seller’s agents get their listings ready for home showings. Seller’s agents can use these resources to learn how to stage a house, the best ways to market a home using new channels like Snapchat and even how to create a signature house scent. But what about buyer’s agents? Here are 5 tips that will help you prepare for your next buyer’s tour while impressing clients with your property knowledge and market expertise.

1. Know Your Clients

Before you head out to look at homes with your clients, be sure the homes you have chosen are at least in the ballpark. This refers not only to budget but also to their personal taste and preferred location. You don’t want to visit five homes only to have them turn down three before ever stepping foot inside. Or because the home is an hour away from their job. Talk with your client to establish buyer needs and market expectations and to get a feel for their taste and budget. You’ll both be thankful for the time saved in the long run.

2. Bring Your A-Game

Don’t be the agent that gets lost on the way to a listing and then shuffles through a stack of papers upon arrival. Or the agent that can’t figure out the lockbox. Map your schedule using a GPS. Gather all of the listings agents’ contact info in advance so you can make a quick call or send a text message if any questions come up during the day. And be sure to know when other potential buyers might be viewing the home or when the seller or seller’s agent might be paying a visit. Ideally, you’ll want free range for your client to explore the home without any interruptions.

Housefax Buyer's Tour

3. Guide Clients Without Overwhelming Them

As the buyer’s agent, you want to walk your client through each listing in whatever manner works for them. If they are first time buyers, you may need to encourage them to open closet doors, and you should point out things they may not notice, like cracks in the foundation or a new water heater. If it’s a neighborhood they are not familiar with, be sure to reference schools and other points of interests. Just be sure to share information and your assessment without influencing or overwhelming them.

4. Prepare for Questions

Buyers always have questions — lots of questions — as they walk through a property. Is this home in a flood zone? Is the basement permitted? Or, as you are visiting one property, they see the FSBO property down the street that wasn’t on your tour list for the day. Rather than tell them you’ll get them the information when you get back to the office, run a Housefax Report to answer their questions immediately. Don’t wait to email it — send it right then and there.

TIP: If you’re a Housefax PRO, this can be done directly from your Housefax Dashboard. They’ll be impressed with your knowledge, and how quickly you got them the answers they needed.

Housefax Buyer's Tour Regroup

5. Regroup and Review

Plan to stop for coffee after any home showings – particularly if your buyers viewed more than one listing. This is a golden opportunity to sit down with your clients and reassess their priorities. Perhaps they passed a new neighborhood they’re interested in or maybe they’ve realized that a fireplace isn’t as important to them as a roomy kitchen. If any listing you visited made it into their top three, it’s time to review the Housefax Report, run comps and formulate an action plan.


At the end of the day, preparation is key to successful buyer’s tours. With your knowledge backed up by a Housefax Report full of information and facts, your buyers will not only be impressed, but will have the answers needed to move through the house hunting process quicker.

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