Homebuyer Alert: 350,000+ Reported House Fires Annually [INFOGRAPHIC]


Only Housefax Reports Contain 16M Fire Incidents Occurring Before 1999 

A house fire, no matter how small or localized, has the ability to impact the whole house, with cascading effects that can linger for a long time. Potential homebuyers need to know if the house they are considering purchasing has had any damage related to a fire including electrical, smoke, water and even mold —not all of which is visible. (Check out the infograph below for more alarming house fire stats.) 

So how can you tell if a house has been in a fire? A good place to start is to run a Housefax Property Report. Housefax Reports have the most comprehensive house fire incident data in the marketplace. Unlike similar products whose data typically only dates back to 1999, Housefax has exclusive access to reported fires as far back as 1980. That’s nearly twice as much coverage as the average home history report!

Why is this important?  According to the National Fire Protection Association, there were over 16M reported fire incidents between 1980 and 1999. If you’re considering buying a home built before 1999 only a Housefax Report can tell you if a fire incident has been reported. Take for example, the Housefax Report of NFL legend, John Elway which reported a gas leak!

According to Eddy Lang, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Housefax, “During a home inspection, the Housefax Report will alert inspectors of a reported fire. Armed with this information, a good home inspector will focus more attention to the affected area of the home, identifying any potential damages. But before that inspection even occurs, Housefax will give homebuyers and real estate professionals the reported details regarding the fire including recommended follow-up.”

Not only does a Housefax Property Report contain more reported fire incidents, it also contains more detailed information about the fire incident such as cause, damages and estimated dollar loss. This data is aggregated, processed and customized in seconds by Housefax to provide consumers and savvy real estate professionals with a home’s fire incident history dating back to 1980.

With over 350,000 reported house fires each year, don’t take any chances. Always know before you buy. Get a report at housefax.com.

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