BREAKING NEWS: 2017 Real Estate Agent Survey Results

Housefax today announced survey results that show 8 out of 10 Real Estate Agents recommend providing a Housefax Property Report during an Open House. When agents were asked how else they leverage Housefax Reports to generate more business, the top three responses were: Listing Presentations, Home Inspections and Open Houses. (Click here for more tips on how to use Housefax Reports.)

According to the National Association of Realtors Field Guide to Open Houses, while the overall goals of an Open House haven’t changed much over the years, the methods for making the property look its best and attracting potential clients are constantly evolving.

“It’s no surprise that real estate agents are looking for new ways to make a house stand out,” said Eddy Lang, CEO of Housefax. “When you think about it, the average homebuyer visits 10 homes before making a decision. It’s the house that has a Housefax Report on display, that has a true advantage. From our recent survey we know that 30% of homeowners purchased their home after viewing the Housefax Report, making Housefax an important part of the buying process.”

In 2015, nearly half of all home buyers used Open Houses as a source to gather information in their home purchasing process (National Association of Realtors 2015 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers).

Housefax Reports contain valuable information that homebuyers are seeking, including extensive property data such as voluntary liens, natural hazards, building permits, incident history, and more. Providing this information up front, during an Open House, can help real estate agents avoid last minute issues or surprises, and make for a smoother transaction down the road.

Housefax offers discounted, customized Reports via Housefax PRO plans, designed exclusively for real estate professionals. To learn more about Housefax PRO, visit: