What Your Kitchen Floor Says About You

Your home is a reflection of you, whether you realize it or not. In particular, how you decorate gives your guests a glimpse into your personality. What first impression do people get when they walk into your kitchen? There’s one feature that says a lot, and it’s not those mute walls … it’s the floor!

What does your kitchen floor say about you?

Linoleum / Vinyl

You are extremely practical if linoleum or vinyl are underfoot in your kitchen. These impervious materials are installed in large sheets, meaning there are (usually) no seams for liquids to get trapped under. Cleaning linoleum or vinyl flooring is a breeze, as anything can be wiped up quickly with a rag or mop, and virtually nothing will stain the floor. After you’ve mopped such a floor, just be careful to thoroughly dry it and to not use a slippery cleaner, otherwise you’re asking for trouble, as this surface can be slick.


You are hip and trendy if your kitchen has a concrete floor. Or, perhaps you began a renovation and got distracted, resulting in a “temporary” concrete floor that has nonetheless prevailed for several years. When installing concrete in the kitchen, you can customize the appearance in many ways, including a rainbow of colors and endless textures. Concrete with a smooth surface is easiest to clean, and sealing it with a non-slip surface can prevent stains and falls all in one. As an added bonus, indoor concrete floors stay nice and cool in the summer.


You’re a practical but modern person who knows a kitchen floor should be easy to maintain, but also elegant. Choosing a tile floor for the heart of your home demonstrates your commitment to style and your knack for DIY. With a little bit of luck, you had the foresight to choose a dark grout for your high-traffic kitchen. Otherwise, you only scrub the dirt away whenever your parents are due to visit. And even then, half the time you throw down a rug or two and hope no one notices. Apart from the grout issue, you’re delighted that your tile floor is a breeze to clean offers a touch of sophistication to your home.


You love elegance and nostalgia if hardwood (even fake wood) serves as the base for your kitchen. You might even be a tad bit on the messy, spontaneous side, especially if the hardwood is aged. Hardwood hides everyday dirt fairly well, but be careful not to let it go too long without a cleaning; it can change colors if you do! Also be sure to wipe up any spills in order to avoid warping the wood underneath. With the right finish and just a little bit of maintenance, the rustic charm of your kitchen can be preserved thanks in no small part to the timeless hardwood.


If carpet takes center stage in your kitchen, you fall into one of the following categories:

  • You are incredibly neat and tidy and have no pets or children
  • You bought your home in the 80s and have better things to do with your time than make home renovations
  • You hate cold feet

It must be said that carpet and kitchens don’t typically go together. Messes happen frequently in a kitchen. Even innocently washing your hands at the sink can cause water to fall to the floor. If you put carpet in a kitchen, chances are you think this flooring option brings comfort that’s well worth having to occasionally hire a carpet cleaner to keep it bright and beautiful.

If your kitchen floor is rather uncommon, like marble, stone, brick or even bamboo, it’s safe to say that the impression it gives off is one of wealth and creature comforts. Not that that’s a bad thing, assuming that’s what you want to say!

Let us know what your favorite flooring options are for kitchens in the comments below!

About the author:

Cathy Habas is a freelance writer based in Louisville, KY. She specializes in simplifying home improvement projects for the hectic lives of everyday people. Cathy is also a contributing writer for Dirtwirx.com.