Housefax Offers Co-branded Reports to Keller Williams Agents

The deal also includes special pricing and access to a unique version of Housefax Pro

Key Takeaways

  • Housefax is now offering a customized subscription program for Keller Williams agents.
  • The deal includes a special pricing arrangement and the opportunity to send clients co-branded property history reports.
  • Keller Williams also announced partnerships with Zillow and Dronebase at the company’s Family Reunion event this year.

Keller Williams agents came away with more than one steal at their 2016 Family Reunion. At this year’s event, the company announced partnerships with big industry players Zillow and Dronebase, and to round out the exclusive opportunities in home data management, Housefax (which provides in-depth property information services) also joined forces with the real estate giant in offering a customized program for KW team members.

The Housefax deal includes a special KW pricing arrangement and access to a unique version of Housefax Pro, a subscription service and portal that allows agents to request, personalize and distribute reports to their clients via email. Through the offering, agents can also provide homeowners with co-branded Housefax Property History Reports.

“We are helping Keller Williams agents build consumer confidence by providing their clients with an abundance of intelligent and accurate property data up front,” said Eddy Lang, CEO of Housefax, in a press release.

Founded in 2012, Housefax offers reports outlining detailed property information that the MLS doesn’t usually cover to “tens of thousands of consumers and real estate professionals,” the company said.

Specifically, according to a October 2015 previous Inman news brief, “reports include reported incidents such as water or fire damage, meth lab history, natural hazard risk assessment and other valuable information such as building permits, transaction history, property warnings and utility information. All data is pulled on demand from regularly updated databases and Census reports. Housefax covers 78 percent of all U.S. residences.”

In line with KW’s desire to create an agent-centric and technology driven culture, CEO Chris Heller said in the press announcement, “Housefax is one more way we’re adding value to our agents. By providing buyers and sellers with unique property information and insights, we’re enhancing the customer experience and helping agents differentiate themselves in their local market.”